There’s speculation that radiological exams, or x-rays, are dangerous and potentially life-threatening for children. While being exposed to certain levels of radiation are unhealthy, x-rays used in dental and medical offices emit very small doses. Here are a few reasons why your children are actually at very low risk for any negative health effects.

Why Are Orthodontic X-rays Important?
Orthodontists take x-rays in order to be able to identify abnormalities with your teeth. X-rays will also be taken to check on the progress of your orthodontic treatment and help show if any changes need to be made.

Reasons Why X-rays Are Safe For Kids
Although diagnostic imaging requires a higher frequency of radiation, getting x-rays on occasion will not expose your child to any greater amount of radiation than they would encounter normally over time. Believe it or not, we’re exposed to a low-frequency (non-ionizing) and high-frequency (ionizing) radiation daily. This comes from sound and radio waves, microwave ovens, run rays, and radon in the soil.

While the low dose of radiation from a standard x-ray is safe for children, x-rays can also be adjusted to emit even less radiation if need be. This helps level out the radiation for the small stature without compromising the integrity of the exam. Many orthodontists are now using digital technology, which reduces radiation by as much as 80%.

Most medical imaging exams are short (lasting less than one second), and children are protected from radiation by wearing protective gear (lead-lined apron and thyroid collar). Low exposures of radiation is worth the opportunity to prevent health concerns.