At Speaks Orthodontics, we are proud of the many patients we have helped to smile bigger and brighter over the years. We always provide personalized treatment options and a friendly, comfortable environment to ensure our patients get the best care to help give them the smiles of their dreams.

Nadia R.
16:29 10 Jun 21
My daughter had an evaluation consultation and she's getting braces next week. Prices are very reasonable and their service is great!
Andrea P.
16:38 07 Jun 21
2 of my daughters get treatment with Dr. Speaks, and my other daughter will start treatment soon. The staff is very knowledgeable and respectful. I HIGHLY recommend.
Anna L.
15:10 26 May 21
Dr. Speaks and his entire staff are amazing. I had a tricky case that had been put off for WAY too long and Dr. Speaks got everything done beautifully and before my wedding!
17:13 25 May 21
Dr. Speaks has done an amazing job on my teeth. Today I’m actually taking my braces off after 2 years 😭 and it was worth it! I had a horrible experience with the surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth while on braces and I went to the surgeon to recheck if it was infected and Dr. Andy said it was fine. Then I came to Dr. Speaks and he immediately addressed my issue and contacted Dr. Andy about my infected wound. Thankful for a caring doctor along with his awesome staff - specially Victoria!
Rebecca F.
16:51 25 May 21
Great office, great staff. Incredibly reasonable pricing!
Sean C.
16:43 25 May 21
Dahlia was very good she was very informational, prompt and caring
17:10 18 May 21
wonderful people and would truly recommend 🙂
Rogelio H
17:30 11 May 21
Amazing service from Dr. Speaks and the staff, really happy with results of having my braces through this office, highly recommend!!
Tori P.
04:13 11 May 21
I have been wanting Invisalign for years, my dentist had an in-house orthodontics that wasn’t going to accept my insurance. After calling 10 orthodontics, I finally found one who answered my questions over the phone without wanting me to pay for a consultation. I came in for my free consult and will be proceeding with Invisalign treatment with my insurance being accepted. I am beyond excited and grateful to have found Speaks. Everything has been upfront and clear with incredible customer service.*Update*Their service extended well beyond getting me in as a new customer. My entire treatment was amazing and they did the best to make my timeline work even when COVID shut things down. I am ecstatic with my results and it was money well spent. I am so grateful I found Dr. Speaks, he gave me the smile I had been waiting years for.
Jamie L.
18:36 10 May 21
Speaks is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Very excited to be doing the invisalign program with them.
Meron A.
16:33 07 May 21
I've had such a pleasant experience at Speaks Orthodontics! I always looked forward to monthly appointments because they're 1.) Quick and to the point 2.) The office is bright and airy (and ALWAYS has cheerful seasonal decorations) which puts you at ease, and 3.) Dr. Speaks and staff are all SO kind and friendly. Plus, the office was always easy to get a hold of over the phone for questions, rescheduling appointments, picking up extra elastics when I ran out, etc.My braces treatment took almost 3 years (age 23-25, delayed a bit because of COVID) and in that time everyone took such good care of me. Even when I thought I was happy with my smile, I trusted Dr. Speaks' expertise to keep going until the very best results were achieved, and I'm so glad I did. Even after I got the braces off, I was able to book an appointment a few days later to make adjustments to a few things that were bothering me and they took care of me right away. Dr. Speaks' work is nothing short of magic!Thank you for my shiny new smile!! 😊
Sarah A.
15:43 06 May 21
My teeth are perfect! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Shanna W.
12:57 06 May 21
My teeth look great! Dr Speaks made the entire experience so easy!
Joy W.
21:18 04 May 21
We love Speaks! We were referred by our dentist for our youngest and now I am a patient too!!
Jennifer L.
18:36 04 May 21
Great friendly staff, Dr Speaks is a pro and attentive to his patients - highly recommend their practice!
Sara L.
17:38 04 May 21
My son is seeing Dr. Speaks for expansion and braces and we've been really impressed with the office. The doctor always takes time to give us a full explanation of the process and has made us feel very welcome. When my son's braces were removed, the whole office cheered, sprinkled confetti, and gave him a goody bag with treats he couldn't have when he had braces! My son was beaming as he left the appointment. I recommend this office to all of my friends!
Nico K.
13:41 29 Apr 21
They are always friendly and it’s always a fun experience when I go in there
Tom C.
16:27 28 Apr 21
Dr. Speaks has a highly professional and inviting staff. They went above and beyond throughout my nearly 3 years of Invisalign treatment, which became complicated due to an ankylosed tooth (stuck in the jawbone and unable to move). Dr. Speaks was true to his word about completing therapy within the original payment structure, and redeveloped and prolonged my treatment plan to get the results we were after. I just got fitted for my final retainer and am very happy that I chose this office for treatment!
Brianna L.
16:53 27 Apr 21
Had my braces done here when my own primary dentist didn’t wanna do my braces and it was such a lovely staff and great quality!! I am beyond satisfied with the work done. Highly recommend!!! Thank you speaks orthodontics !
Sarah K.
14:40 27 Apr 21
I am very happy with my Invisalign treatment and results. Dr. Speaks and his team are wonderful!
Katie B.
18:00 21 Apr 21
I am very pleased with my orthodontic experience and outcome at Speaks Orthodontics. Dr. Speaks and his staff are professional and friendly. They use top of the line technology and my Invisalign treatment worked well for me as an adult. I can smile again with confidence! Thanks, Dr. Speaks and Staff!
Josh P.
18:41 16 Mar 21
I’ve had an amazing experience here at speaks orthodontics. My treatment was much easier than I ever thought it would be and that makes me a super happy patient. Thanks speaks ortho!
18:47 02 Mar 21
Everything Dr. Speaks and his staff has done has been amazing. I am very happy I chose Speaks Ortho for my invisilign treatment. He is very knowledgeable and is very honest with timelines and treatments. I've also used them for my Son's braces and they did a great job.
21:32 24 Feb 21
I was recently referred to Dr. Speaks and his team by my dentist. As an adult in my mid 50’s, I was hesitant to even consider braces as I thought it was “too late” for me. However, I went to the consultation out of curiosity mostly, and I’m glad I did. After years of bringing my three kids to the orthodontist, I thought I was going to be in a waiting room with a bunch of teenagers, feeling out of place. I was wrong - I saw younger and older patients and the entire staff immediately made me feel welcome. This was a big hurdle I had to overcome - feeling that I shouldn’t be there. In regards to being “too late”, Dr. Speaks and his staff explained in excellent detail the benefits of braces for me - both cosmetically and structurally - and how it could impact my overall wellness.I always fooled myself thinking my smile was “OK”. However, OK is not good enough in any other aspect of my health, why should it be for my dental health? Braces will fix a crowding issue I’ve had for years and give me a more confident smile. I’m glad I got over my own objections and am excited for the end result.
Caroline C.
16:04 19 Feb 21
They are the best! Such a personal and caring environment. I highly recommend this practice.
Emily M.
20:23 11 Feb 21
Speaks Orthodontics has been great! They have always been very professional, efficient, and kind. They also have taken excellent COVID precautions. I love my new smile and I could not be happier, I would definitely recommend to anyone.
inez S.
16:09 09 Feb 21
I would recommend them for everybody they are very sweet to your kids and very polite if there's a problem they fix it right on the spot they're great
Jenn M.
18:20 01 Feb 21
I got Invisalign from Speaks and have had nothing but an incredible experience. From the front desk staff, to the assistants, and Dr. Speaks himself, all have been great and helpful. Any questions I’ve had, I would call and get an answer in a timely manner. Very accommodating for scheduling. In terms of Invisalign, Dr. Speaks really listens to you and is very realistic with you about your treatment course. Highly recommend this office for your Invisalign needs.
Brandon A.
16:49 14 Jan 21
The folks at Speaks have been truly remarkable. The entire office is polite, professional and made sure my invisalign treatment went smooth. During Covid they made sure to take extra procautions to ensure I continued to recieve extrordinary care safely with no delays.
Ivan R.
19:06 05 Jan 21
That did good my teeth got straight😁
Mystique B.
19:10 30 Dec 20
It’s an amazing positive community and I definitely recommend getting your braces here ! My teeth look beautiful !!
Wilder R.
15:43 30 Dec 20
Got my braces done here, this place is awsome and everyone is super nice.
Ian J.
03:25 23 Dec 20
These guys are for real. They treat you like family, they offer a very stress free environment and they are honest with you about the process from start to finish. I’m so glad I went here for Invisalign. Do yourself a huge favor and just give these guys a call.
18:46 21 Dec 20
They staff is super nice, and they did i great job with my teeth😊😊
Steven B.
18:22 30 Nov 20
Got a case of “summer-teeth??” Some here...some there...well have I got the place for you!Speaks and his gang not only get those pearly whites aligned but will make you feel like family along the way. From initial consultation to final farewell, TOP NOTCH service, quality and pricing.Stop searching. Book now. Thank me later 👍
Abigail C.
18:12 16 Nov 20
Everyone is really nice and my teeth look good, thank youu!!
Meredith F.
15:18 12 Nov 20
Thank you, Dr. Speaks and team! Everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. My appointments were always on time and quick, but thorough and all of my questions answered. My Invisalign experience was a breeze and I am so happy with the final result.
Taylor R.
18:20 10 Nov 20
Everyone in the office was so kind and made my Invisalign experience a breeze!
Becky S.
22:33 06 Nov 20
Went to Dr. Speaks for a free orthodontia consult for my son. I was surprised it included a very comprehensive, state of the art 3-D x-ray of my son's head and airway, and a very thoughtful evaluation by Dr. Speaks and his staff.
Megan M.
18:41 05 Nov 20
I’ve had an amazing experience at Speaks Orthodontics and couldn’t be happier with my Invisalign results.
Sarabeth H.
17:27 05 Nov 20
Dr. Speaks and his team are great! I’m so glad I chose them to help me achieve the perfect smile 🙂
Aaron M.
14:39 05 Nov 20
Dr. Speaks was fantastic. He explained everything to me from the start and we were able to get my teeth looking great. The staff was amazing as well. Highly recommend!
Maxwell B.
18:52 02 Nov 20
I’ve been a patient at speaks orthodontists for a couple of years now and I have nothing but great things to say about the friendly staff who have all been so kind to me throughout all of my countless visits into the office. They were always understanding when problems arose and got me in ASAP when I had broken brackets or any questions. I have nothing but great things to say about this place and I highly recommend reaching out to Dr.Speaks if you are looking for an orthodontist. Thank you all for all that you have done for me and my smile!!
Jordan F.
18:50 02 Nov 20
Awesome service and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Speaks and his kind staff to take care of your orthodontic needs.
Sarah B.
15:32 29 Oct 20
Great experience with Jennifer and Dr. Speaks! They are both very knowledgeable and helpful. The office is clean and all of the staff I interacted with were very kind. Thank you!
Marcus F.
18:17 22 Oct 20
Dr. Speaks and staff are some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people around. They go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. I refer people to them regularly.
Lina P.
14:58 15 Oct 20
Dr. Speaks is a true master of his craft. Throughout my entire treatment his friendly team provided outstanding care. The team ensured that scheduling appointments and follow-up visits were easy to do and helped me stay on track with my treatment plan. Thank you for giving me a perfect smile!
Jaye W.
14:47 14 Oct 20
Dr. Speaks and staff have been so patient with my Invisalign experience, but my final SMILE result is truly perfect and my bite is right on!The Denver/Highlands area is so blessed to have a doctor and a business with this level of knowledge and PROFESSIONALISM. Dr. Speaks is always interested and has a general medicine background so his patients will get a super great experience! THANKS FOR YOUR dedication to Morgan Adams Foundation as well! Sincerely, Jaye W.
Mallory L. B.
20:27 01 Oct 20
Dr. Speaks has a great bedside manner and clearly communicates what your plan of action will be. He has been flexible in helping me at the end of my treatment while I made a cross-country move. I highly recommend him for Invisalign!
Jonny M.
11:13 01 Oct 20
They are amazing and treated me so amazingly can’t wait to get my braces off
Christine M.
16:27 21 Sep 20
Great service at every appointment. Staff members are always super sweet and polite and Dr. Speaks himself works great with children! Will definitely recommend him to everyone I know in need of treatment!
Jamie T.
18:34 18 Sep 20
I absolutely love Dr. Speaks and the entire staff here! We’ve been coming here for 2 kids and 2 sets of braces. Highly recommend this place! They are definitely the best in town!
Robert La T.
11:05 16 Sep 20
Top of the line Technology. Top of the line staff. Top of the line Service.I searched the area for professionals that could provide the services I need with certainty we can correct some issues that needed fixing. I wanted it done right after having experienced the opposite.I can say with confidence that Speaks Orthodontics is the place the go!Check them out!
andrew B.
01:14 16 Sep 20
The team at Speaks Orthodontics does an exceptional job for their clients. The service is swift and comes with a terrific attitude attached. They take the time to listen to any concerns you may have and will find a solution in no time at all. I will recommend this place to anyone I know looking for an orthodontist.
Sonia Z.
23:28 15 Sep 20
Staff is friendly and doctor is very experienced. Great clean atmosphere.
Dana B.
17:52 10 Sep 20
Great Experience. My daughter had a consultation for braces. Easy communication, flexible prices and wonderful medical care. I feel confident about our care and my 8 year old daughter looks forward to going there. I recommend Speaks to other parents for themselves or their families.
Allie P.
12:43 10 Sep 20
Speaks has changed my life! Since I was a little girl I always wanted braces because of the “small” insecurities I had. My family shamed me for it, and every dentist I mentioned it to, turned me down.Dr. Speaks without hesitation not only took the time to listen to my smile goals, but he educated me on the work that needed to be done with my teeth. At that point he let me know that we will move forward with braces. I could hardly even wait!I spent the time getting the dental work done. In the midst of it all, I discussed my history with migraines and we discovered I was a teeth grinder, and braces could potentially help the adjustment of my jaw. Sure enough, I’ve not had a single migraine!Every visit has been nothing less of pleasant. Everyone there takes really good care of me every time. Every dime was worth the smile I’ve longed for.I appreciate the time Dr. Speaks takes with each patient and his passion shines right through him and his staff.Needless to say, the confidence I once lost, was found in my smile again and I am so grateful for Speaks and his team. 100% recommend! Thank you all for all you do!
Jacques H.
20:01 31 Aug 20
After YEARS of wanting braces to straighten out my smile, I was nervous about costs, experience, risks, and all of those unknown variables that can creep in. After finally taking the first step to contact Speaks Orthodontics when I was 37 years old, today I got my braces removed - and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!Per my original research online, Speaks was the best fit for me in terms of online reviews, insurance acceptance, location, online presence, and my first experience when I called them. My initial consultation helped me feel even better about my choice, and I decided to sign the dotted line to move forward.For me, the party in my mouth was nearly out of control when it came to my teeth, but Dr. Speaks was very casual and comfortable in talking through his plan. My situation didn't allow for me to get the "perfect" smile when it comes to technical precision, but the key thing for me is that I FEEL AMAZING seeing my smile in the mirror, and this made the entire investment worth it.In the office, I see mostly teenagers during my visits, but there have been plenty of adults in there as well. All of the technicians are very friendly, professional, and got the job done with minimal discomfort.All in all, I HIGHLY recommend, 5/5! Give them a call today and see if they feel like a good fit for you - you have zero to lose! 🙂
Catherine P B.
21:31 25 Aug 20
I just went back to order some retainers and was pleasantly surprised to have them give me a great price and I got 5 items for the price of 3. They have taken good care of me for several years now and I would recommend them to anyone needing teeth straightening, for sure!
Eliza E.
17:19 25 Aug 20
I’ve had the best experience with Invisalign thanks to Dr. Speaks and his team! I’m very happy with my results and highly recommend his office.
Gina M.
20:34 18 Aug 20
They are amazing and treated me so amazingly. My teeth look amazing!!
Emily M.
00:51 18 Aug 20
Dr. Speaks and his team are incredibly professional and friendly. They seem genuinely as committed to properly straightening my teeth as I do and they are always happy to answer whatever questions I have. The office is very clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for orthodontic work!!
Justin C.
22:13 12 Aug 20
I always have excellent and friendly service, the staff are incredibly responsive (I've had Dr. Speaks come back into the office after closing to fix a broken bar). I see Dr. Speaks during every visit, and he's been very involved and helpful during the process
Eric J.
17:29 03 Aug 20
Highly recommend! I was visiting from out of state and had my wire break. Not only was Dr Speaks the only ortho willing to help me, but they were kind and generous in the process.
Brooke C.
21:46 24 Jul 20
This place is amazing! I am not a patient, but I lost a couple of my spacers while on vacation and Speaks Orthodontics told me to come on in and they would help me right away! They have a beautiful office and this would be the place I would have my orthodontics, if I lived in Colorado. Thank you so much for helping me when I was I need!
Jalesa L.
18:00 07 Jul 20
Just got the braces off !! Best place ever
Natalie W.
22:39 30 Jun 20
Just got my braces off!I would definetly recommend this office to anyone needing some ortho work. The doctor and staff are great!!!!!!!!! Everything was smooth from the treatment to the payments. Thank you Speaks for my fabulous smile.
Claudia T.
17:24 25 Jun 20
My 9 year old son is getting his braces off today and we are so glad we chose Dr. Speaks. He and his team has been so friendly and professional and my boy loves his new smile!😀
Victor N.
16:10 10 Jun 20
Kind, friendly, informative and relatively quick...we were in and out with no problems😊
Korina K.
15:43 09 Jun 20
Speaks Orthodontics did an amazing job with having a safe and comfortable space for patients during the covid-19 challenges. I would highly recommend we have been so pleased with everything start to finish.
dejonte N.
06:09 31 May 20
I have only been going to hem for just a sort whale but the ferst impression was out standing.we spoke talking with me about what he was going to do to help fixs my teeth and my under bit it made me confident about getting the procedure do because I keep second guessing myself but at that moment he and made me Shere I want to follow through. I also love going there because the place just has a little cozy fil to it and how it is clean and now and modern
Sadina Z.
00:26 10 Mar 20
We have been in Denver for two years, and every six months Dr. Speaks saw my daughter with updates on growth, knowing she would eventually need braces. The staff is incredible, and Dr. Speaks is a great guy! Unfortunately, we are relocating, and sadly, Dr. Speaks won’t be able to make my daughter a brace face, but I can’t speak highly enough about our experience here. If I could give more stars, I would!
Allison B.
00:19 10 Mar 20
Dr. Speaks was awesome! My experience with Invisalign was quick and easy. I love my smile now 😃 Thank you!
Abdi K.
15:55 09 Mar 20
They helped me get the best smile possible in the shortest time they possibly could
Kate C.
16:10 04 Mar 20
I love Speaks Orthodontics!! The staff is super friendly and usually very easy to get in for an appointment. I’m doing Invisalign and its been a pretty seamless process. There are lots of adults and children in the practice and Dr Speaks does well with both! I fully recommend this practice!
22:16 03 Mar 20
Great staff and it’s always fun
Alen M.
18:09 03 Mar 20
Amazing service. Really know what there doing.
Diane C.
17:24 27 Feb 20
Dr. Speaks stays involved throughout the process. His approach and knowledge made me choose him over another highly-rated ortho. The office environment is very warm, upbeat and still professional. I would think kids would enjoy it, as well as adults. I only have a few weeks left of treatment and am very pleased with the treatment from Speaks.
Ben T.
00:21 26 Feb 20
Dr. Speaks’ staff adds a personal touch to every interaction which makes our children comfortable plus we’ve gotten great results from the work!
Jodhely's L.
00:17 25 Feb 20
Always such a friendly staff, Dr. Speaks is always professional and nice. They work with your pricing and your schedule, recommend 10/10