At Speaks Orthodontics, we understand that teenagers are in a phase of their life where they want to be able to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. We thrive on creativity, and we want to inspire our patients through vibrant smiles to have the confidence to live their boldest lives.

Braces are often viewed as a right of passage for a teenager, but these aren’t your grandparents’ brackets and wires. As orthodontics has evolved, the design for this appliance has become sleeker and more effective. Braces have been engineered to give your teen a smile they dream of without the clunky aesthetics of braces’ past.

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

No two patients are alike, and neither are their treatment lengths. Your time in braces depends on the extent of issues that need to be addressed and how well the appliance is cared for. While there is no definite timeline, many patients spend about one to two years in treatment. To find out how long you would need to stay in braces, we suggest you come to visit Dr. Speaks for a complimentary consultation so we can give you a more accurate estimate.

What Foods Will I Have to Avoid When Getting Braces?

Some of your favorite treats may have to be removed from your diet while in braces. Broken brackets and poking wires are not fun at all, and we want you to enjoy a comfortable treatment process. The best way to protect your appliance and avoid any setbacks in your progress, we suggest you avoid foods that are hard, sticky, and chewy. While you may have to give up popcorn for a brief period, the results you achieve after you get your braces removed last a lifetime. By protecting your braces, you are protecting your results from anything that may lengthen your treatment.

How Do I Care for My Teeth While Wearing Braces?

It’s important that you maintain your current level of great oral healthcare while in braces. If you are at risk of losing a tooth, your gums become infected, or various other oral health issues arise, it may harm your treatment process. When brushing and flossing, pay extra attention to areas that may be hiding food debris because the acidity of food particles stuck behind your brackets could cause your enamel to erode.

It’s also crucial that you still attend our general dentist for check-ups and cleanings. While Dr. Speaks may have the capabilities of a general dentist, our office specializes in different areas of oral health than your dentist. This means that having the most beautiful and healthy smile possible is a joint effort that we are happy to be a part of.

How Do I Protect My Mouth When Playing Sports with Braces?

The best way to protect your investment into a better smile is to wear a mouthguard when playing sports. If not, anything that hits your face could damage your appliance or cause uncomfortable friction between your mouth and the metal. We want you to be able to shoot the game-winning basket while working towards a smile that could win awards. Getting braces doesn’t mean you have to give up the sports you love; all you have to do is put in a mouthguard and play on. Ask Dr. Speaks at your next visit what mouth guards are the best option for your child while in treatment.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The price of braces depends on a variety of factors, such as how long you will need to remain in treatment based on the extent of the issues being addressed. We work to make this treatment available to all, and so we work with insurance providers to limit out-of-pocket costs. Braces are an investment into a better future for your smile and your health, and we honor every investment through our quality practices and patient-centered environment.

Getting braces is about more than straightening your teeth; it’s also a health decision. Overcrowding, misalignments, and various other issues can affect not only your oral health but your overall health. The sooner you start this transformation into the best you that you can be, the better.

Braces are sleeker and more effective than ever, and you can benefit from these advancements and enjoy a process that has been optimized to easily create your dream smile. Dr. Speaks is a master of orthodontics and makes treatment fun for all who walk through our doors. Your smile is a part of you, and you deserve to have one that is customized to you.