We’re Here For You

At Speaks Orthodontics, we know that accidents happen on the journey to a vibrant smile. There’s no need to worry, things happen, and there may be a poking wire or broken bracket that becomes bothersome. When the unthinkable happens, contact our knowledgeable and caring team, and we will get you in on the next business day to treat any issues.

In the meantime, you can take a few steps to alleviate discomfort and deescalate the situation. We’ve listed some remedies for common problems we’ve discovered over time, and you can refer to this whenever an issue arises before we can get you in a chair. Many orthodontic issues don’t quite reach emergency status and can usually be tended to from the comfort of your own home.

While most problems may not be emergencies, we want you to be comfortable throughout treatment and are here to help when you need us. We will always work to schedule you on the next business day to discuss your concerns and fix any complications you’ve encountered. It’s important to remember to stay calm. There’s no damage we can’t fix, and Dr. Speaks is an expert in treating all orthodontic problems from simple to complex.

Ways to Cope If You Have an Orthodontic Emergency

General Soreness

It’s normal to feel some discomfort when you have a new appliance or have had an adjustment. As your mouth gets used to treatment and your teeth begin to shift, you may experience some soreness. There is no need for immediate concern, as this is common, and many patients go through a short period of discomfort while their teeth adapt.

Whenever this happens, we suggest taking whichever over-the-counter pain medicine you prefer to help combat the discomfort. If this feeling persists, give us a call, and we’ll have you come in to figure out why you may be experiencing prolonged soreness.


The best defense against swelling is the use of an ice pack. The cold temperatures defend your mouth against inflammation and numb the area, so you feel less discomfort. If your gums are swelling, it may be helpful to gargle a lukewarm saltwater mixture. This helps flush out harmful bacteria that may be causing the inflammation.

Loose Bracket

While a loose bracket may seem like a big deal, it’s actually very common and can be dealt with at your next appointment. Braces wax may help keep the loose bracket in place while you wait for your appointment. If you would like this bracket reaffixed sooner than your next appointment, contact us and we will schedule your appointment as soon as possible!

Loose Wire

Loose wires are another issue that seems intimidating to patients but can be handled fairly easily. When this happens, give us a call and we will fix the issue on the next business day. Your treatment progress will still be intact, so there’s no need to worry about backtracking on your journey to your dream smile. Before you come and see us, you can use a pair of clean tweezers to move the wire back into place so that it doesn’t bother you.


If you lose or break your current Invisalign aligner, you can switch to the next aligner in your treatment plan and wear it twice as long as you would’ve worn it initially.

Poking Wire

Poking wires can be extremely uncomfortable, and we understand that when this happens, you need this resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can cover the irritant with braces wax so that there are no sharp edges to poke your mouth and gums. You can even clip the end of the offending wire or push it over with a cotton swab so it’s not digging into your tissue. These quick tricks can help ease your discomfort until we can see you in the office.

Dr. Speaks and the rest of our Speaks Orthodontic team understand that it can be a little frightening when these issues occur during your treatment. Just remember that most orthodontic issues are easily solved and can typically be tended for at home. Protecting your oral health is important to us, so if you feel like you are experiencing a treatment emergency, we will be happy to get you in one of our chairs on the next possible business day. You deserve to work toward the smile of your dreams in comfort, and we are here for you if you feel like you have an orthodontic emergency.