Vibrant smiles don’t have an age limit, and you deserve to have a smile that is personalized to you. Creating custom smiles is an art, and at Speaks Orthodontics, we blend creativity with cutting-edge technology and processes to deliver flawless results every time. Invisalign is an excellent option for adults who are looking for a corrective treatment that is flexible and designed to fit their lifestyle. Dr. Speaks and our highly skilled team are ready and able to guide you through an adventure that leads to the smile you’ve dreamt about.

Why Should I Get Invisalign as an Adult?

It’s a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is for teenagers when in reality, it is an important tool used to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Issues could arise in adulthood even if you had treatment when you were younger as the mouth shifts with time. Invisalign is unique because the clear aligners used in this process are both highly comfortable and highly effective. Patients love their clear aligners because they are virtually invisible to onlookers, and they can enjoy the look of their current smile while working towards their new and improved grin.

Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular as patients recognize the consistent results and amazing benefits of the treatment. These aligners can give you the smile you’ve always wanted without affecting your lifestyle.

How Will You Start My Treatment Plan?

We begin every treatment with a consultation where we discuss your orthodontic goals and assess your needs. Dr. Speaks will give you his recommendations, and we will begin to design a plan built around your lifestyle and dream results. Before you get your first set of aligners, we take a 3D image of your mouth so we can see every angle. We use this image for several purposes.

First and foremost, our doctor needs to see what issues need to be addressed so we can engineer the right path for you. We also use this image to project your desired results so you can see what your smile will look like after you’re done with Invisalign treatment. Finally, we have your first set of aligners printed to match your teeth and mouth’s exact specifications. The clear aligners will fit snugly over your teeth to provide comfort and consistent pressure. You will then receive a new set of aligners every two weeks that have been slightly adjusted to move your teeth closer to their final position.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

Every patient is unique and undergoes a corrective treatment that is designed specifically for their needs. This means that every treatment looks different and ranges in length depending on how extensive the issues are that need to be addressed. While it’s a little different for everyone in our family of patients, most people spend about 9 to 15 months in their Invisalign. To figure what your treatment would look like, schedule an appointment with Dr. Speaks today, and he can give you a more accurate estimate.

How Much Will My Invisalign Clear Aligners Cost?

Treatments are unique, so no blanket price would be accurate to how much Invisalign will cost you. Invisalign is an investment into a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile that lasts a lifetime. We want this life-changing treatment to be available to everyone in our community, so we work hard to provide our patients with high-quality care at a price they can afford. Our office works with insurance providers to limit out-of-pocket costs to get you in the treatment you need. We also have flexible financing plans that we created with our patients’ needs in mind. For an idea of what this treatment would cost for your specific case, schedule a complimentary consultation with our office today.

How Do I Sanitize Invisalign?

Keeping your Invisalign clean is simple and only adds one more step to your daily oral hygiene routine. You wouldn’t want to put harmful bacteria on your freshly brushed teeth, so we encourage you to take a toothbrush and warm water to clean your aligners before putting them back on. It’s important to put them back on after you brush so that your teeth experience consistent pressure and don’t have any unwanted shifting.

Is Invisalign Uncomfortable?

Not at all! Patients rave about how comfortable these clear aligners are. In fact, most patients hardly realize they’re wearing them throughout the day. This comfort is made possible by the various features Invisalign aligners possess. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your smile, and this is why Invisalign is printed to fit your teeth snugly. This eliminates the possibility of uncomfortable rubbing or poking. The aligners are also printed using a thermoplastic create with your comfort in mind. These features, combined with the fact that you can easily remove and replace your aligners, allows our patients to experience top-tier treatment with little to no discomfort.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is increasingly popular for a good reason. When installed by an orthodontic specialist who has ample training and experience, it is the perfect treatment to get you the smile you’ve always wanted without any sacrifices. With these clear aligners, you can keep the pearly white aesthetic of your current smile without worrying about metal brackets sticking out.

Not only are they attractive, but they are also designed to be flexible to your lifestyle instead of forcing you to adapt to a different treatment. You can take them out for any event you want and remove them to eat all of your favorite treats. With braces, you’d need to avoid hard and sticky foods to protect your wires and brackets from damage. No such dietary restrictions exist with Invisalign so that you can enjoy all of your snacks without worry.