When you first hear “mouth guard” you probably picture a football
player or some similar sports player. Mouth guards are typically used
to protect the teeth of those involved in highly physical activities.
They are other uses for mouth guards as well, such as some low contact
sports and to prevent the grinding of teeth while one is sleeping.

The first mouthguard was made in 1890 by Woolf Krause and he named it the
gum shield. The first sport to incorporate mouth guards was boxing. Yes,
they were low quality compared to the types you are allotted nowadays,
but nonetheless, they were used.

Mouthguard Types

In today’s time, there are now three main types of mouthguards you
can purchase. They are the following:

Stock Mouth Protectors

Stock Mouth Protectors can be found at a local sporting goods store. They
are very cheap and they come ready to wear.

Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors can also be bought at a local sporting goods
store, but they do not come ready to wear. You must boil this mouth guard
to soften it and then bite it to form a mold of your mouth and teeth.

Custom-fitted Mouth Protectors

Lastly, the Custom-fitted Mouth Protectors are made specific to the person,
and you would not be able to find one of these at your local store because
they are custom fitted.

How Mouthguards Are Beneficial

  • Reduces chance of a concussion
  • Protects jaw joints against injury
  • Provides cushion for teeth
  • Prevents grinding of teeth during sleep
  • Protects teeth from physical activities
  • Prevention of teeth grinding

These reasons are of great importance. Knowing that simply wearing a mouthguard
can prevent potential neurological damage and keep you safe during physical
activity is reason enough to go out and buy one!