There are many people who do not realize that the foods that they eat can
have a direct impact on their oral health. They may just assume that if
it is sold in the grocery store, then it must be safe for consumption.
While this is mostly true, there are some foods that are out on the market
today that can have negative impact on oral health. The most common foods
are citrus fruits and juices, soda, and foods high in sugar.

Citrus fruits and juices

While fruits are typically good for the body because of the vitamins that
are in them, it is important to understand that the acid that is in an
orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime or other citrus fruit can weaken the enamel
on teeth and cause cavities or tooth loss. It is important for someone
who is consuming these fruits or drinking juice made from these fruits
to brush their teeth afterwards so that the acid is not sitting on or
between their teeth. Weakened enamel and dentin can not only lead to cavities
but it can also lead to tooth fracture and sensitive teeth.


Millions of people drink soft drinks every day , and many of these people
may not be aware how bad the soda can be on your teeth. Most sodas have
acid in them which, like that found in citrus fruits and juices, can be
harmful to your teeth by weakening them. Not only that, but soda also
have a high level of sugar and sodium suspended in the liquid which can
facilitate cavity formation and growth. It is best for you to stay away
from soft drinks. If you must drink some, then it is a good idea for you
to brush your teeth afterwards so that you can get the acid, sugar, and
sodium that is coating your teeth off of them.

Foods high in sugar

Lastly, it is a good idea for you to brush your teeth after eating most
types of candy and gum. Any sugary snack such as snack cakes and other
processed foods high in sugar should also be avoided. If they can not
be avoided, then it is paramount that you brush your teeth after eating
these foods so that you can decrease the damage that can be done to your teeth.