A healthy, glowing, and beautiful smile is something that we all strive
for. Having a dazzling smile affects our overall confidence. A more radiant
smile leads to higher self-esteem, a more outgoing personality, and overall
better hygiene. Unfortunately, many struggle and that’s okay. If
your smile isn’t as white and sparkling as you’d like, there
are some easy solutions.

Whitening Teeth by Eliminating Bad Behaviors

Whitening teeth with braces can be tricky because you don’t want
to damage your braces. That can be costly and detrimental to the process
that your teeth are undergoing. One of the quickest, easiest, and healthiest
ways to whiten teeth is to stop eating the bad stuff! We encourage people
to eliminate candy, coffee, and smoking. All of those things can cause
stains which can build up underneath or around all of your brackets and wires.

In-Office Bleaching Helps to Whiten Teeth

You can also get your teeth clean with in-office bleaching. This process
only requires a few visits. A bleaching agent is applied to your teeth
along with a special light. This process is easy especially if you just
have braces on the back of your teeth. Our helpful staff can talk you
through any questions and help you decide what the best route to take
for your teeth is.

Use Whitening Toothpaste at Home to Enhance Results

Teeth whitening can also be done with whitening toothpaste. These kinds
of toothpaste have enamel-strengthening fluoride as well as special polishing
agents which fight hard against buildup and stains. The vast majority
of these kinds of toothpaste are perfectly safe to use while you have
your braces on. You will just want to take a bit of care to not agitate
the braces. Gently brush your teeth with the whitening toothpaste in side
to side strokes. Make sure you brush all surfaces for at least two to
three minutes to achieve maximum results. We can also suggest the best
toothbrushes for your teeth depending on the braces you have. One example
would be cone-shaped toothbrushes which helps you reach stubborn areas
around your wires and brackets. The right oral care products and toothpaste
make all the difference in whitening teeth without harming your braces.

Overall, we want you to achieve a bright smile while straightening your
teeth. Our dentists and staff can suggest the right fit for you to achieve
the smile that you’ve always dreamed of.