The cold winter weather doesn’t merely cause dry skin. Many people suffer from a myriad of effects, including canker sores, cold sores, teeth sensitivity, and chapped lips.

Here’s how to get through this teeth-chattering season with a smile!

1. Canker Sores

We consume a higher number of acidic foods in the winter — which is a recipe for canker sores! It’s hard to completely avoid holiday sweets and treats. If you do indulge and happen to end up with a canker sore, swish a tablespoon of salt and some water in your mouth to help keep the sores clean.

2. Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth are just as susceptible to the cold as the rest of your body, which is why your teeth become extra sensitive during the winter. Sometimes, no matter what you eat, your mouth and teeth will be left feeling sore. Try brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste to help ease the pain.

3. Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are inevitable during the winter, and even more so when you have braces. Make sure you are wearing SPF lip balm daily and drinking plenty of water to help hydrate your lips. We also suggest buying a humidifier — a little extra moisture in your room never hurt!