5 Braces Facts You Didn’t Know

If your dentist or orthodontist has told you that you have crooked or crowded teeth, they probably also recommended you get braces. If you’re not feeling positive about this new dental change, these 5 fun facts will help you or your child get excited about the idea of braces.

1. They are Older than the United States of America

Funny enough, the first invention of orthodontics for straightening teeth was actually older than the US itself. The earliest kind can be traced back to 1728, and it was made of metal and thread.

Of course, this dental tool has vastly improved over the centuries to the point where you can customize your braces with colors or make them virtually invisible. Their main and most important function is the same as it was hundreds of years ago:: straightening teeth.

2. You Can Get Them at Any Age

Most people think braces are only for children. The truth is, anyone at any age can benefit from them. Many patients don’t get their set of braces until they are adults.

3. They Use Metal Created by NASA

The type of metal that makes up your braces is an alloy originally developed by NASA. This can be a fun fact to share with kids who are reluctant to get their teeth straightened who also have a love of all things outer space. The metal in question was actually made to be used in space shuttles.

4. Their Brackets Can Benefit Your Teeth

Brackets are secured to the teeth but have a knack for collecting a lot of plaque and leftover food. Many people think they can’t adequately clean their teeth as a result, but the brackets can benefit you after all. The cement used to secure the brackets to your teeth release fluoride, which can help strengthen them in addition to straightening them.

5. A Portion of Patients Undergo Two Treatments

Around a quarter of patients who need orthodontics for straightening their teeth only undergo two treatments. Adjustments are needed to ensure that your teeth can shift into the proper position.

This might mean a new set of metal different than your original to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their previous position. While these adjustments may be uncomfortable for children, they are necessary for optimal orthodontic care.

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