Preventing Cavities When You Have Braces

Having braces can take a lot of getting used to when it comes to properly taking care of your teeth behind your brackets. When you have orthodontics, you need to pay even more attention to your dental health to prevent the development of cavities, tooth decay, and other oral health-related issues. Here’s what you should know.

Brush and Floss Thoroughly

Whether you have braces or not, practicing good dental hygiene is your first line of defense against cavities and tooth decay. Make sure that you are flossing and brushing your teeth for a full 2 minutes at least two times daily. The following tips can help you to keep your teeth and braces as clean as possible:

  • Use toothpaste with fluoride
  • Brush with a soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Be sure your bristles are getting the spaces under your braces
  • Use a floss threader if necessary

Mouthwash is another great tool to utilize when you have orthodontics. Mouthwash will reach and treat all of the places in your mouth that your toothbrush and floss may have missed.

Avoid Sugary and Acidic Drinks

Drinks like soda, sweetened juices, coffee, and alcohol can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. When you have braces, the sugars and acids present in these drinks sticks to your teeth for longer periods of time, increasing your risk for damage. Stick with water and natural juice when you can. When indulging in these sweet drinks, make it a habit to rinse afterward.

Getting Regular Checkups

Keeping up with your dental hygienist and orthodontist regularly is the best way to make sure that you are not developing cavities behind your braces. Your dentist and orthodontic specialist can help you to keep your teeth clean and spot any signs of damage.

Orthodontic Care In Denver

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