Wearing a dental retainer is something that many people will never have to deal with. The constant tooth alignments and rough edges in the mouth are typically unfamiliar to most people. If you wear a retainer, it is probably because of the recommendations of professional dental protocols. Retainers are the best post-braces and post-orthodontic surgery appliances. Wearing them is essential to having great success with any dental procedure.

There are many ways to clean and restore retainers. Cleaning a dental retainer is a daily job that is personal, and best kept alone. This does not mean that retainer cleaning is off-putting. It just means that cleaning a retainer is something that is best experienced by the person wearing the retainer.

Brushing is a Good Retainer Cleaning Method

After regular tooth cleaning, dental retainers can be scrubbed with ordinary brushes. The polymer bristles on most brushes are strong enough to remove plaque and food particles from the surfaces of retainers. Daily retainer brushing after teeth brushing helps to preserve the surface of all dental appliances.

Overnight Soaking

The same solutions that denture wearers use to clean their partials are effective for thoroughly cleaning retainers. This is true for retainers that have composite and metal components. Soaking retainers overnight in a solution will remove built-up plaque and other materials. The bubbly action of a denture soak is absolutely perfect to clean any type of dental retainer.

Machine Cleansing is Great for Retainer Cleaning

Autoclave devices remove all foreign substances from a retainer. An autoclave cleaner is normally found only in professional dental offices. Autoclaves completely restore the surface of dental appliances and help to remove the most difficult stains, plaque build-ups, and bacterial colonies. If you are having particularly troublesome problems with your retainer, a professional autoclave cleaning might be necessary.

Wearing a retainer after certain dental procedures is normal. Retainers, however, can be sources of dirtiness in the mouth. It is absolutely essential that your retainer remains free of harsh bacterial and plaque substances. Regular home and professional cleaning of retainers keep these appliance free of harmful substances while keeping comfortable surfaces that are necessary for effective oral wearing and function.