The ritual of enjoying sugary summertime treats which can wreak havoc on
your family’s teeth if consumed in excess approaches with the summer
months. However, the following tips can help maintain your family’s
smile and keep everyone looking great!

Limit High-Sugar Snacks and Drinks

Many summer events such as fireworks, sporting events, theme parks, and
backyard barbecues typically call for the indulgence of sugary snacks
and drinks, which can increase your family’s sugar intake and their
risk of obtaining cavities.

Instead of eating processed food at every party, try to limit sugary snacks
as an occasional treat, or simply opt for low-sugar substitutes. Additionally,
replace acidic sodas and juices with fluoridated water to help fortify
your children’s enamel.

If you can’t resist those sugary snacks, nibble on a piece of cheese
or sip some milk after you’re finished. These products will wash
away food debris and coat your teeth with protein and calcium, which are
known to make your enamel stronger and protect against decay.

Keeping an array of healthy snacks on hand: apples, bananas, strawberries,
carrots, and celery, can also limit your intake of sugary foods. These
fruits and veggies are full of vitamins and minerals necessary for building
strong bones, and will protect your teeth against cavities and tooth decay.

Protect Your Kids Teeth During Summer Activities

Many summer activities such as bike riding, softball, basketball, swimming,
and other summer sports pose inherent risks to your child’s teeth.
In fact, many emergency dentist visits are due to summertime injuries
such as slipping near the pool or getting hit in the face with a ball.
These accidents can result in broken jaws or chipped teeth and will need
immediate dentist work.

Overexposure to chlorine also poses a threat your child’s teeth because
it weakens the enamel and can cause dark spots. Therefore, limit the time
your child has in the local kiddie pool since the chlorine content in
these pools is typically off the charts. Additionally, having your child
wear a mouthguard during contact sports will help protect their teeth
from hard hits. This is especially crucial if they have had orthodontic
work, as braces can cut your child’s mouth if not covered with a guard.

Stick With Good Oral Hygiene Habits

As summer approaches and fun times are in store, it is easy to put off
or simply forget about your healthy dental routines. The mantra of “brush
twice and floss daily” may be difficult for kids to perform when
they have so much excitement in their lives.

However, it is imperative that children continue to practice good oral
hygiene habits throughout the summer to help further protect against tooth
decay and cavities.

Schedule a Midsummer Check-Up to Stay on Top of Cavities

No matter how well your kids follow good eating and oral hygiene habits,
they may still get ahold of sugary snacks and acidic drinks (which can
increase their risk of developing cavities) unbeknownst to you. Therefore,
you may consider scheduling a mid-summer check-up to detect early signs
of cavities before they become more serious.

Additionally, many schools require a back-to-school check-up for certain
grades, so scheduling a midsummer check-up not only ensures that your
child’s teeth remain healthy but it also puts you ahead of the back-to-school rush.