Getting braces requires a commitment of time and money. Accordingly, it
makes sense for patients to get the best value for their money and the
most positive outcome.

At Speaks Orthodontics, we believe that informed patients are satisfied
patients. That’s why we begin each patient’s treatment with a
consultation. A consultation is a perfect opportunity for patients to
ask all sorts of questions. Of course, many new patients aren’t familiar
enough with orthodontics to know which questions make sense to ask. To
make things easier, we’ve put together this list of five questions
to ask your orthodontist.

1. How much experience and education do you have?

Education and real-world experience combine to make a competent and proficient
orthodontist. In addition to a general dentistry education, orthodontists
are required to complete three years of training in their chosen specialty.
After training, several years of practical experience with patients is
completed. Ask your orthodontist to show you before and after treatment
pictures of patients with similar issues to yours to determine their level
of experience.

2. What kind of results can I expect?

Being realistic about what each treatment can achieve is important. This
helps the patient manage their expectations, and it’s helpful for
both the orthodontist and the patient to be on the same page about the
goals of treatment.

3. What orthodontic treatments are available?

Sometimes, traditional metal braces are the best option for a patient,
but new technology has made additional options, like clear aligners, available.
It’s essential for the patient to understand all of the options that
may be available for treatment, including the advantages and disadvantages
of each type. If one treatment plan is best for a particular patient,
then we can be trusted to not only make this recommendation but also to
explain why.

4. How long will treatment take?

Two years is a fairly standard treatment timeline. However, it’s possible
that treatment for some patients may take longer or be finished quicker.
At Speaks Orthodontics, we do our best to provide an accurate treatment
schedule, and we’ll give updates along the way.

5. How much will this cost?

Not all orthodontists follow the same fee schedule, so it’s vital always
to ask not only how much treatment costs, but also what is included in
those prices. We believe in transparent pricing that prevents surprises.