Whether it’s a child or adult, wearing braces can feel as if it will last forever. However, the day will come when the orthodontist removes the metal and wire to reveal a perfect set of straight teeth. Unfortunately, many patients fail to follow instructions, which puts off the big day even longer. If you don’t want to have this happen, we at Speaks Orthodontics have six ways to ensure your braces will be removed as scheduled.

Eat Healthy

For all our patients, we recommend a diet low in excess sugars and starch, which will prevent plaque buildup. Also, brushing and flossing after every meal will help as well.

Avoid Problem Foods

To avoid broken brackets or loose wires, stay away from foods that are:




If you give in to temptation, expect a major setback in your treatment.

Wear Your Rubber Bands

If we tell you to wear your rubber bands, please do so. Not only will this allow for subtle tooth movement, but also speed up your treatment process.

Protect Your Braces

If there is one thing we cannot emphasize enough, it is to do everything possible to protect your braces. This can be done by using a mouthguard during sporting activities, as well as avoiding aggressive brushing.

Make Smart Choices

For anyone wearing braces, making smart choices is very important. For example, by biting down on a pencil or going to bed without brushing, a longer treatment period will be necessary.

Keeping Appointments

Perhaps most of all, we ask our patients to keep their appointments. By doing so, we can closely monitor your progress and also address any problems before they become severe.