Our society is remarkably revolved around aesthetics, and our faces are, many times, the most important asset when we think about healthcare and beauty products. Our teeth, for example, have an entire medical field dedicated to taking care of them, not only in an aesthetic level, but also helping with hygiene and preventing diseases.

Whenever we think of straight teeth, what immediately comes to mind is aesthetics. Adults and teenagers continuously believe that they should get braces to have straight teeth and get that white, clean, and aesthetically pleasing smile. However, you will be surprised how most of the benefits of having straight teeth are actually not only to look better, but instead to help with health-related benefits.

Having straight teeth…

  1. Reduces the chances of tooth injury – protruding, crowded lower or upper teeth have higher tendency to be broken due to physical trauma.
  2. Easier to clean teeth – crowded teeth makes it difficult for the toothbrush or dental floss to remove food caught in between teeth and this could lead to tooth decay.
  3. Reduces neck pain and headaches – misaligned teeth are very unhealthy and stressful to the gums and the bone structure that supports the teeth which can lead to face and neck pain as well as chronic headaches.
  4. Results to healthier gums – There is a high risk of gum inflammation when teeth are too crowded or widely spaced.
  5. Prevents and reduces abnormal tooth wear – Misaligned teeth causes inefficient chewing of food, because the packed lower teeth rub against upper teeth and this is one of the factors for the wear and tear of tooth enamel.
  6. Improves overall health – When left untreated, tooth decay which was caused by misaligned teeth can lead to bleeding gums, mouth sores and other diseases due to the bacteria in the decaying teeth.
  7. Improves confidence and overall happiness – Having more confidence and happiness affects stress levels and this one big component that affects our overall health.

Having straight teeth is more important for our health than we previously thought, so it is recommended to have your teeth checked and treated by trusted orthodontists.