There are so many options when choosing your braces that it can often be hard to make a decision. While traditional metal braces are still the most popular option, ceramic braces are increasing in popularity every year. The only way to know if ceramic braces are right for you is by getting as much information as possible.

The Difference Between Metal and Ceramic Braces

The main difference between ceramic and metal braces is the material used to make them. Just like the name suggests, the brackets on ceramic braces are made out of a ceramic material. This makes them far less noticeable in the mouth than traditional metal braces. The same wires and elastic bands are used on both types of braces. They also provide the same wonderful results.

Pros and Cons

Most adults are very self-conscious about getting braces at a later age, which makes ceramic braces the perfect choice. The brackets are designed to match the color of your teeth, so it is often very hard for someone else to notice your ceramic braces.

The biggest negative about ceramic braces is that they may get discolored if you are not careful. Once the brackets become stained, they will no longer be virtually invisible in the mouth. Foods that commonly stain ceramic braces are red wine, coffee, tea, and tomatoes. If you take the time to thoroughly clean your mouth after consuming these items, then you shouldn’t have to worry about any discoloration.