When adults talk about braces it’s usually in reference to when their children had them. Braces have a reputation as being those metal bars you put on your kids for that perfect smile. What a lot of adults are finding is that braces have come a long way over the years. Not only has the idea of braces and the materials changed but so has the age of the wearers.

Braces are no longer something you just get your kids. They are changing the way adults care for their teeth as well. There are so many reasons why teeth being straight is important to us. For many reasons, it can make a huge difference in the care and longevity of your teeth.

Why do straight teeth help us?

1. For sufferers of TMJ, a straight bite can alleviate pain associated with TMJ.

2. A straight bite can make flossing easier helping us keep teeth clean and free of cavities and decay.

3. For many adults, the idea of having a straight smile can alleviate years of depressed feelings and give a major lift in self-confidence.

4. Fewer problems with tooth loss, teeth wearing down and the loss of bone in the jaw.

For many, the idea of wearing braces as an adult can seem silly, but when you take into account how many pros there are to orthodontic care it’s not that silly. Money saved in huge dental bills is another positive in orthodontic care. Dental care is expensive and orthodontic care will pay you back two-fold.

How can braces save adults money?

1. Fewer visits to the dentist for decay caused by overcrowding, crooked teeth that aren’t getting clean.

2. Less tooth loss causing the need for bridges, dentures, or implants.

Self-confidence remains one of the top reasons why adults should invest in their smile. A good smile with healthy teeth will be something that can last a lifetime. So no matter what age you are orthodontic care should not be capped by age.