Time to figure out what to put in those lunch boxes! You want to add some snacks that your kids will think are yummy, but are also healthy, and tooth-friendly. From the crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet, here are some fresh solutions for a brand new school year.

Yogurt is a great substitution for pudding. This snack is packed with probiotics that can help heal mouth sores, get rid of bad bacteria, and promote healthy gums.

Whole Grain Pita Chips and Hummus
Instead of packing buttery popcorn, add whole grain pita or vegetables with hummus instead. Popcorn can damage your children’s teeth, with or without braces, and can even lead to tooth decay.

String Cheese
Cheese is great for your child’s teeth. It helps cut down on plaque growth, and boosts their enamel, which makes their mouth stronger.

Fresh Fruit
Put the fruit cups and dried fruit snacks down! They contain high amounts of sugar that can live on your little ones chompers and erode their tooth enamel. Fresh fruit like apples and pears on the other hand, have high water content, which counteracts the fruits sugar.

Flavored Water
We know water tastes bland and boring to kids, but keep the fruit juice out of their lunch box! Fruit juice may be their favorite, but it has more concentrated sugar than eating fresh fruit. Add a naturally-flavored, sugar-free water alternative — or a packet for them to DIY at the lunch table.