From the minute they’re born, you do everything in your power to ensure that your child lives a healthy and happy life. A big part of your child’s overall health is the health and condition of their teeth.

But what if we told you that there were a few things you were doing that could actually be harming your little one’s smile? Here are some mistakes you could be making with your child’s teeth that you should be aware of.

You Don’t Supervise Brush Time

Not only should you be supervising morning and evening brush times for safety purposes — especially with toddlers and younger children — but you should be there to ensure they’re brushing properly. Make sure your little ones are reaching their back molars, the backs of their teeth, and not putting too much pressure on their gums.

You Put Them to Sleep with a Bottle

Although you may think you’re lulling them to bed with a warm bottle, what you’re actually doing is setting the stage for tooth decay. Drinking milk or juice before bed allows bacteria and sugar to stick to your child’s teeth and gum — which can quickly lead to cavities and decay. The same thing can happen if you allow them to suck from their sippy cups all day long.

You Stock Up on Sports Drinks

It may seem like a good idea to pack sports drinks in your bag for after your child’s game, but those drinks are chock-full of sugar that can cause cavities. Instead, have them rehydrated with plain water — it does the job and is better for their smiles.

You Don’t Schedule Dentist Appointments Early Enough

Typically, it’s best to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment when their first tooth appears. Your dentist will be able to inspect their gums and make sure their teeth are growing in properly.

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