Getting used to braces takes time, but it can be extra frustrating for children who aren’t necessarily able to eat whatever they want. It’s normal for your child to experience sensitivity on their gums and teeth for a few days, but this can mean that their usual menu is off the table.

Consider these foods after your child gets their braces applied; they’re delicious and healthy, but they won’t be difficult to chew or a pain to brush away later.

Soft Vegetables

Mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and beans are good options for vitamins and nutrients while meal options are limited. Mashed potatoes require next to no chewing, while steamed veggies and cooked beans are tender and gentle on sore teeth.

Plenty of Dairy

Pudding, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and plain ice cream (no nuts or other chunky additives) are good sources of calcium for a child with braces. Cream cheese can be sweetened with fruit or turned into a yummy cold lunch with some herbal seasoning.


Grains are an important role in a child’s diet, but they can be difficult to fit into their meals when bread is all but off limits. To supplement this, make meals that include soft pasta and steamed rice. These are both great staples that can be a part of almost every meal without getting boring.


Applesauce, bananas and freshly blended smoothies are refreshing snacks that offer plenty of vitamins and variety.

Tips for Eating With Braces

Your child will need time to adjust to having braces, but any soreness they experience should recede within a week. Make sure you encourage them to pay close attention to their teeth now more than ever.

They should thoroughly brush after every meal and snack with a soft-bristle brush and rinse with mouthwash. A floss threader can make cleaning braces much easier, ensuring that every last bit of food is removed from the wires.