Dental emergencies are common for most people. However, the most important
thing is to know how to deal with the problem when faced with it. The
following are some of the common dental problems and how to deal with
each one of them.


Simple as they may sound, toothaches present some of the worst pain you
can bear. It can completely bring a normal day’s operations to a
standstill. When having a toothache, it is important not to use any medicine
on the teeth such as aspirin because such an action can lead to gum damage
and infections. The best route to take when having a toothache is to thoroughly
clean one’s mouth and if the pain persists visit a dentist as soon
as possible.

Broken Tooth

This is also one of the dental emergency cases which should be quickly
attended by a dentist. To reduce and pain and swelling, it would also
be advisable to apply a cold compress around the affected tooth. Unless
recommended by a dentist, do not take any medication. Speaks
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Broken Jaw

There are various instances in which a person may break his or her jaw.
The first thing you should do is apply a cold compress. Second, contact
your dentist immediately. We are happy to bring you in, x-ray the jaw,
and get you on your way to recovery as soon as possible. This a more serious
accident and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Bitten Tongue

This is another common dental emergency, especially for children. When
faced with such an emergency, it is best to clean the tongue and apply
cold press around the affected area to avoid further bleeding. However,
if the bleeding doesn’t stop, make sure to visit a dental clinic
to have the problem attended by a doctor.

These are the most common dental emergencies we see, but there are other
dental emergencies that we did not include.