Kids are often hard to please. But thankfully, The Mile High City is an amazing destination for everyone (including children under five-feet tall). Here are a few activities and attractions that will help you create a weekend full of smiles and memories with your little ones.

Downtown Aquarium
Denver may be a landlocked state, but there’s still plenty of marine life to see at the Downtown Aquarium. Set your own pace and take a self-guided tour that views more than 500 species of animals. We suggest stopping by the tiger exhibit or the interactive Sting Ray touch tank. You won’t be able to tear your kids away!

Children’s Museum Of Denver
The Children’s Museum Of Denver is ideal for kids aged three to eight. Inside you will find 11 interactive rooms where children can build toy railroads, play basketball or even pretend to go shopping in a mini-supermarket.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
Your kids will love exploring the trails surrounding this world famous concert venue. The Red Rocks was created 70 million years ago (whoa!), so if your little one is into geology, there are dinosaur tracks and fossil fragments dating back 160 million years.

Mile High Flea Market
This year-round flea market calls for a whole day of exploring and fun. There are permanent vendors, fair foods, and plenty of amusement rides and games.