When you look at yourself in the mirror, the last thing you want to see is food stuck in your braces or a broken bracket. Luckily, this can easily be avoided by changing up your grocery list. You may be limited to certain foods, but you can rest assured knowing there are still tons of braces-friendly options.

Braces-friendly Habits
There are a fair amount of foods that can loosen, break, or bend wires and bands when you’re wearing braces. So make sure you’re choosing options that keep you out of the orthodontic chair (at least until your next check-up)! Hard foods such as nuts, cookies, apples, and carrots are typically on the “banned” list. Fortunately, it’s still possible to enjoy them, as long as you cut them into smaller bite-sized pieces first. Also, avoid sticky foods including caramels, toffees, or fruit bars. And please, no chewing gum! We repeat – no chewing gum!

What To Eat?
When consumed too frequently, acidic foods and drinks can damage your tooth enamel. And while many high acid foods are healthy for your body, low acid foods are better for your teeth.

-BBQ sauces
-Soft drinks
-Sport drinks