The Thanksgiving feast is about to commence. But with braces, which dishes can you actually eat without harming your teeth? There’s still plenty of delicious items for you on the menu, but there are also a few foods you need to steer clear of.

Foods To Avoid:

Nuts: They are hard and crunchy and can cause serious damage to your wires and brackets.

Popcorn: The kernels in popcorn are hard like nuts and the soft par can easily get stuck in between your brackets.

Hard or sticky foods: Hard candies for dessert (like caramel) or sticky foods for dinner (like candied yams) can stick to your braces and damage them.

Uncooked vegetables: Broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower are fine to eat if they are cooked. However, when they are raw, they are too hard to handle for your braces.

Foods You Can Eat:

Potatoes: As long as you avoid roasted or hard potatoes, mashed potatoes are soft and perfect to have if you wear braces.

Corn: Simply take the corn off the cob and you should be fine!

Turkey: You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without the turkey. Just remember to cut the meat off the bone first!

Muffins: Fill your plate with as many muffins, rolls, or any other soft bread you would like. As long as no nuts are added!