Braces-Safe Sweets and Treats

With the holidays nipping at heels, you may find yourself wondering what Christmas goodies you can and can’t have when you have braces. While there are some restrictions when it comes to holiday sweets and treats, there are many that are braces-safe. Here are some guidelines to help keep your braces intact this holidays season:

Foods to Avoid:

Unfortunately, with braces, there are quite a few foods you should avoid when it comes to your holiday indulgences. Make sure you avoid sticky, hard, and crunchy foods as these can get stuck between your wires and pop your brackets off. Try to steer clear of the following foods this Christmas season:

  • Popcorn

  • Nuts—Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.

  • Caramel

  • Candy canes

  • Gingerbread

  • Hard cookies

  • Toffee

  • Brittles

  • Fudge

  • Corn on the cob

  • Uncooked, crunchy vegetables

  • Pecan pie

Foods You Can Eat:

Now onto the foods you can have. Remember to choose foods that are easy to chew and to cut your meals into small, bite-sized pieces. Here are some Christmas sweets and treats that are orthodontist-approved:

  • Turkey

  • Meats like ham, roast beef, and steak (off the bone)

  • Corn (off the cob)

  • Stuffing

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Cooked vegetables

  • Leafy greens

  • Applesauce

  • Casseroles

  • Pies

  • Cakes

  • Puddings

  • Custards

  • Soft cookies

  • Brownies

  • Ice cream

  • Hot chocolate

  • Cranberry sauce

  • Cheesecake

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