Are you experiencing sensitivity with your teeth when you eat or drink an item? Unfortunately, cavities are the permanent decay of the surface of your teeth and affect thousands of people each year. There are thousands of people that turn to a dentist each year to help them with their dental issues including tooth decay (cavities).

What Is A Tooth Cavity

A cavity can affect the enamel and the dentin which is the outer and inner surface of your tooth. You have the opportunity to seek a professional for help when you suspect you have a cavity.

How To Know If You Have A Cavity

There may be no symptoms of a cavity, but it can lead to an infection or tooth loss. A professional at Speaks Orthodontics can offer their patients an oral exam to determine if they’re suffering from cavities. Individuals suspected of having cavities will notice dark spots on their teeth which is actually the decayed tooth. You can’t reverse the symptoms of the decayed tooth, but you can get fillings in the area that are bothering you. Both children and adults suffer from cavities. An orthodontics can help you with cavities and give you your confidence back with your smile.

Don’t wait until the last minute to be treated for cavities because it can create an infection later on. The most orthodontist will tell you to treat your cavities before they result in tooth loss. Cavities can do more than affect your smile. They can also hinder the way you eat and digest your food. Taking care of cavities is fairly simple and involves a series of treatments that involve a few visits to a dental professional. Most treatment for cavities is handled under your insurance plan or through in-house financing options with Speaks Orthodontics.