Everyone knows that the purpose of braces is to move the teeth into a new position. But how exactly does that happen? There is more to moving teeth than you might think, and we at Speaks Orthodontics are well schooled in the science of tooth movement.

What Does It Take To Move Teeth?

Teeth move when the right combination of three components are present: pressure, time, and space. Braces apply constant pressure on the tooth. As this happens, the tooth wants to move and uses osteoclasts to remove the bone that is in the way of the tooth moving. Once there is space, the tooth shifts.

After the tooth moves, a gap is created on the other side. Osteoblasts deposit new bone into that gap to prevent the tooth from returning to its original position. This process takes time and requires the constant pressure of the tooth, which is why patients need to keep their adjustment schedule.

When the tooth is moved into place and there is no more pressure, braces are removed and the tooth begins settling into place. We may recommend that a retainer is worn to prevent the tooth from drifting back and instead maintain its new position.

Ready To Get Braces?

At Speaks Orthodontics, we take time to consider each patient’s current tooth structure and the desired outcome, then using these three factors, create a treatment plan individualized for the patient’s needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today!