Everyone knows that wearing braces means that you are going to get straight
teeth. Still, they may be a little uncomfortable for some, and the question
always comes up: How long do I need to wear them? The truth is that it
will vary with the individual and the dental problems that he or she has.

Average Duration of Braces

Everyone has slightly different dental problems. They are just not going
to be the same. On the average, though, most people will need to wear
braces for an average of 23 months. The difference will also depend on
the type of braces being used.

The Needs Will Vary

Some people will have more severe problems with their teeth being out of
alignment. The more severe the problem, the longer they will need to wear
braces. People with a more mild misalignment may be able to have the problem
corrected in less than a year. People with extreme misalignment might
have braces for 2 or more years.

Adult Braces Typically Take Longer

Since the bones of an adult’s jaw have stopped growing, it is going
to take a little longer to get the teeth in good alignment. If the teeth
are in relatively good alignment, they may only need to wear them for
a year or less.

Children’s jaws are still growing and this enables the braces to
move the teeth into position faster. For better looking teeth, children
should see an orthodontist around the age of seven. This will reveal if
there is going to be any serious problems, which may be able to be corrected early.

Options Are Available

A very important concern about braces for children and adults is that they
are not the most attractive things to have to wear. Recent developments
in braces gives people some choices, in addition to the traditional type that most people are familiar with.

Wire-type braces also come in a variety of colors. They can be nearly invisible
with clear and transparent ceramic brackets and thinner wires. This kind
does take a little longer, but it’s worth it if look is of concern.
Some braces can also be placed inside the teeth, making them almost unnoticeable.