Braces are highly effective at correcting common structural abnormalities in our smiles such as malocclusion. But they can, unfortunately, have some troublesome side effects as well.

One of the most common side effects is mouth sores. Learning preventative tips and successful treatment methods can help you cope with these painful ulcers that are exacerbated by braces.

Invest in a Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Those with braces should be using a soft bristle toothbrush that’s flexible enough to clean around the brackets of your braces. Hard bristle brush heads can lead to injuries inside the mouth, directly contributing to mouth sores.

Add Honey-Infused Chamomile Tea to Your Diet

While a saltwater rinse is recommended to heal mouth ulcers, adding some honey into chamomile tea can have even more potent results in healing and overall pain reduction. Chamomile tea with honey serves as a healing agent due to the antiseptic properties of honey and the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile. If you’re not keen on consuming tea, you can utilize these two herbal remedies in some other ways such as:

  • Placing a tea bag directly onto the sore.

  • Use the brewed tea as a rinse.

  • Putting a small amount of honey on each ulcer.

Increase Your Vitamin B12 Intake

Did you know that over 92% of Americans have some type of vitamin deficiency? Many individuals can go prolonged periods of time completely unaware that they have any deficiency until symptoms start to appear. One primary symptom of a vitamin B12 deficiency is the presence of mouth sores. By heightening your vitamin B12 levels through diet or supplements, you can reduce your vulnerability to developing mouth sores while wearing braces.