Staying hydrated is important for your entire body — even your teeth and gums! So in honor of National Hydration Day, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t forget to drink those eight glasses of water per day!

Reason #1: It Strengthens Your Teeth
Fluoride is “nature’s cavity fighter.” and luckily we can get it right from our water! Don’t believe us? Studies show that people who drink non-fluoridated water had more tooth decay!

Reason #2: It Keeps Your Mouth Clean
Juice, soda, and sports drinks can all leave unwanted sugar in your mouth, which can increase your chance of cavities, Many of these drinks also have additives to make them taste less sweet, but still eat away at your teeth. But water cleans your mouth with every sip!

Reason #3: It Fights Dry Mouth
By washing away leftover food, your saliva helps your mouth fight tooth decay. But, when your saliva supply runs low, your dry mouth can put you at a higher risk for this issue — drinking water can help with that!

**Some warning signs of dehydration include:**
•Excessive thirst and/or dry mouth.
•Little or no urination.