Whether at a dental office or an orthodontic office, you, your child, or someone you love has probably received dental x-rays at some point in time. Because they are so common in oral care offices, it’s important to understand the importance of dental x-rays as well as debunk some myths that surround them. Here are some common misconceptions about dental x-rays that you can put out of your mind.

Debunking Dental X-Ray Myths

You Don’t Need X-Rays

Some people believe that, since your teeth are visible in your mouth, dental x-rays are unnecessary. However, on the contrary, they are extremely important in order to view the root of your teeth as well as your jaw bone. Without x-rays, your dentist or orthodontist may not be able to see a potential problem forming.

Dental X-Rays Cause Cancer

Another myth is that the radiation from dental x-rays can result in your developing cancer. The truth is, dental x-rays use such a small amount of radiation that the risk of their causing cancer is all but none. The only way that dental x-rays would put you at risk would be if you received them for hours at a time, which will, of course, would never happen.

Dental X-Rays Can Cause Radiation Exposure Throughout the Body

Under the umbrella myth of dental x-rays causing cancer is the belief that the radiation they use to get pictures of your teeth and jaw bone will spread to other areas of the body. In fact, dental x-rays are extremely targeted to only apply to very specific areas of your mouth.