In the field of orthodontics, dental braces have become the primary way to straighten teeth or to fix
alignment issues in the mouth. Even since ancient times, there were those
contemplating and trying to work out the issues that many of their contemporaries
dealt with. However, there are some normal side effects that are common
in many of the patients who receive brace treatment, and so it is good to know
what to expect.

Discomfort is often experienced during the days after the braces have first
been fitted, but this is because of the fact that the teeth are being
shifted into a better position, and this usually subsides after the mouth
has had a chance to adapt. Over-the-counter pain relievers will usually
be sufficient to help with any pain at first. Irritation might also be
experienced because of the way that the wires and brackets rub against
the inside of the mouth. Once a person has had a chance to get used to
the new object, then this is likely to relinquish as well.

Plaque buildup can be a common problem that will lead to unsightly and
undesirable effects if allowed to stay. For that reason, braces need to
be continually brushed in and around with the use of interdental brushes
that are made especially for that purpose. It is also good to use mouthwash
with fluoride in order to combat the plague. In some, there may be an
allergic reaction to the elastic or metal that is used in the braces.
This makes it important for anyone who has a reason to believe that they
may be allergic to tell the orthodontist. In the more severe cases, there
may be anaphylaxis due to the elastic, and so alternatives such as latex-free
elastic and different metals might be sought instead.

Finally, one of the normal side effects is things like mouth sores that
are also more likely to occur after a person has first been fitted. There
are a number of other products out there as well to help with these, and
this includes dental wax or silicone and oral rinses. Speaks Orthodontics
is familiar with all of these issues, and can help determine the best
route to getting you a nicer smile while avoiding many of the problems
that have been known to occur.