At Speaks Orthodontics, our number one priority is keeping our patients happy. A lot of people tend to dread the dentist, but we try our best to make it a positive experience every time you visit, and by these reviews, it looks like we are doing our job!

Nate – 5 stars

“They greet me by name every time. The atmosphere is bright and happy. Dr. Speaks is great with patients of all ages.”

Laura – 5 stars

“Dr. Speaks and his staff are the best!! I had braces as a child but my teeth had shifted a little bit and so I was on the fence about whether to do invisalign.  Dr. Speaks and his team walked me through the entire process and timeline and I am SO HAPPY that I did this.  My smile is totally transformed.  The team  could not have been more personable and fun!  A great practice with fantastic results.  Thank you!!!”

Cynthia – 5 stars

“Not only were they respectful to me but they were respectful to my daughter, who they are treating. They explain things so we understand without being condescending and treating me like Im stupid. They also do a great Job with making my daughter feel like she has a say in her treatment. I could not be happier with there service.”

Devan – 5 stars

“I have never had such a caring and helpful staff!”

We couldn’t be more excited to continue serving you at our best. Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to give us a review and make us a better practice!