Our favorite animated characters come in all types of shapes and sizes, animal and human. Some may be young while others are old. Some characters even have braces! Let’s take a look at these five popular cartoon characters that proudly wear their braces:

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie is Tommy Pickle’s best friend from the show Rugrats. He is known for his wild and crazy red hair, buck teeth, and green glasses. He is loyal to a fault and often gets in hot water with his friends. In the show All Grown Up, which is the follow up to Rugrats, he gets braces for his teeth.

Darla Sherman

Everybody loves Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, but Darla, the cute niece who wears the headgear and braces is often overlooked. She is a bit overzealous in her devotion to Nemo. She is considered to be the first female Pixar villain even though she is more excited than evil.

Eliza Thornberry

Eliza is the primary character from the show The Wild Thornberrys. She has long red hair and has a superpower that allows her to communicate with animals. She also proudly wears her hair up in pigtails and sports metal braces. She uses her superpower to save animals from poachers and evil people.

Sid Phillips

Sid is a bratty, antagonistic kid from the movie Toy Story who likes to steal his younger sister’s toys and hold them hostage. He also happens to wear braces. He is the only human in the movie who has the knowledge that the toys are alive. Once the toys ganged up on him he vowed never to hurt another toy. He eventually grew up to become a decent person and collect garbage for a living.

Lisa Simpson

In the episode, “Last Exit to Springfield,” Lisa wears headgear attached to braces. Lisa is always cutting edge and very correct about everything thus creating a need for everyone to check their dental plan coverage.