Are you looking for an orthodontist in Denver, Colorado who can help you
secure the flawless smile of your dreams? Speaks
Orthodontics on Irving Street is available. We’re a full-service orthodontic
practice that’s run by Dr. Clif Speaks. Dr. Speaks is an orthodontic
expert who is equipped with American Board of Orthodontics certification.
He provides patients with many high-quality choices in orthodontic
treatments. It doesn’t matter if you have a noticeable overbite that you want
to eliminate. It doesn’t matter if you have frustrating teeth crowding.
Dr. Speaks and his talented team members can help you feel great about
your smile.

Speaks Orthodontics provides patients with many choices in orthodontic
treatments. Our care is suitable for patients regardless of their age
brackets, too. We accommodate the orthodontic needs of children, teenagers,
fully grown adults and beyond.

Our practice specializes in early treatments that are ideal for youngsters.
If your small child is showing signs of teeth alignment problems, we can
assist him or her. We offer patients braces of all kinds as well. If you’re
looking to straighten a crooked and uneven smile, you can count on our
plentiful options. Some of our teeth straightening treatment choices are
ceramic braces, lingual hidden braces,
Invisalign, Digital Impressions and AcceleDent. Lingual hidden braces can be optimal
for people who are looking for the highest level of discretion. These
braces, true to their name, are hidden. Invisalign aligners aren’t
actual “braces.” They’re transparent aligners that people
can remove any time they desire. Patients take these aligners out when
they want to brush their teeth in the morning and at night. They remove
them prior to eating meals as well.

Our staff members can help you carefully and thoroughly explore all of
the teeth straightening paths that are accessible here. We’ll help
you choose the option that fits your situation to a T. We also offer many
options in surgical orthodontics. If you’re a strong candidate for
corrective jaw surgery, we can aid you. Corrective jaw surgery can be
helpful to people who have bite issues.

Are you interested in Denver, Colorado’s finest orthodontic care?
Speaks Orthodontics can provide you with all kinds of blue-chip treatments.
Call us now for an appointment.