Are you able to decorate your mouth with colorful rubber bands? Whether you selected a color at random, or you strategically planned it around a special event in your life, there’s way more meaning behind your decision than you may think. Here’s what each color says about you.

Which Color Represents You?

  • Red. You’re very emotionally intense. You’re aggressive which leads you to be forward-thinking in every aspect of your life and you’re not afraid to be aggressive.
  • Blue. Blue means you’re very cool, calm, and collected. Your laid back nature helps you deal with situations better than most people.
  • Green. Green represents growth and balance. You’re level-headed and look for opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually.
  • Purple. This color attracts creative energies. You like to have fun and use your imagination in every aspect of your life.
  • Orange. Orange means you’re a very optimistic person. You thrive in social settings, your communication skills prompts you to get along with just about anyone.
  • White. White is associated with light, good, and purity. You tend to be a perfectionist, and appreciate the simplicity in life.