The Jaw’s music is playing, our snacks are ready, and it’s time to start watching our cold-blooded friends on the Discovery channel! What’s probably the most captivating to us are sharks powerful chompers. While we know they’re way different from our jaws, there are some unbelievable facts you may not know about.

Sharks are born with teeth!

Not only are sharks born with teeth, but they typically have around 5 rows of them, and can have as many as 3,000 teeth at once! Us humans on the other hand, will have our complete set by 18 — totaling 32 teeth!

Shark teeth clean AND fix themselves!

For us, our teeth are the only part in our bodies that can’t repair itself. Just in case a shark’s tooth falls out, they have 4 rows of back up! To top it all off, sharks have built-in toothpaste in their teeth. The surface contains 100% fluoride, which means no dental cleanings for them!

If the Tooth Fairy visited sharks, they would be rich!

Shark teeth are more than teeth, they’re fossils! The megalodon shark teeth are always in high demand, and are considered the most valuable shark teeth — worth an average of $300!