It’s one of the most common questions dental patients ask: “Which comes first, brushing or flossing?” And the answer is one of the biggest debates for professionals. In our opinion, it makes no difference, as long as you do a thorough job — after all, it only takes four minutes out of your day!

Tip #1:

Choose a toothbrush that has a grip on the handle, a head small enough to clean all the hard to reach places, and soft bristles so you don’t damage your gums.

Tip #2:

Only pull 18-24 inches of dental floss from the dispenser. However, If you have difficulty using classic floss, there are plenty of other options we well (i.e. special brushes, picks, or sticks).

Tip #3:

Use plaque disclosing tablets to determine if you’re brushing and flossing properly! Red dye will stain plaque that has not been removed, showing you areas that need additional cleaning.

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