The benefits of orthodontic treatment are wide-ranging, from health benefits to cosmetic improvements. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people do so every day. If you’re considering braces for yourself or your child, consider these six ways orthodontics boost your confidence.

Improve Your Appearance

This is the number one way orthodontics boost your confidence. Simply put, straight teeth are more attractive than crooked ones. After having braces from Speaks Orthodontics, you’ll feel confident, not self-conscious, when asked to smile for the camera. You’ll no longer feel the need to cover your mouth when a friend’s funny joke leaves you laughing uncontrollably. You probably look your best when you smile, even before having braces, and your newfound confidence to smile often will likely cause compliments to pour in from friends and family.

Correct Some Types of Speech Impediments

Few people realize that straightening your teeth can improve your speech patterns. While some types of speech impediments can’t be corrected with braces, many can.

Our board-certified Denver orthodontist, Dr. Speaks, helps patients correct their speech defects by straightening their teeth with braces and sometimes surgical orthodontics. Lisps, whistling and other impediments can be caused by overbites, under bites, gapped teeth and overcrowding. You’d be amazed how quickly many speech defects correct themselves after your teeth are properly aligned!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

It’s no surprise that straight teeth are healthier than crooked ones. Because they’re easier to clean, straight teeth get fewer cavities and are less likely to be discolored or worn unevenly. Your gums are healthier when your teeth are straight, too, because it’s easier to get between straight teeth with floss. Healthy teeth and gums help you look your best, further boosting your confidence to smile often once your teeth are straightened with orthodontics.

Help Prevent Tooth Injuries

A snaggletooth is more likely to be fractured or cracked while playing sports. Not only is a tooth injury painful and potentially expensive to repair, but it can lead to discolored teeth or gaps in your smile.

These issues obviously dampen your self-confidence. In this way, orthodontics can be used as a preventative measure to help keep your teeth uninjured so you can smile with confidence.

Reduce Bullying at School

All of the above issues – crooked teeth, speech impediments, cavities and injured teeth – can lead to bullying. If your child is a victim of school bullies, this is just one more reason to make braces a priority.

Of course, some bullies leap on the chance to call self-conscious schoolmates “metal mouth” and other cruel names for wearing braces. If you’re worried about this, but you value the end result of straight teeth, consider Invisalign. This invisible tooth-straightening option is difficult to see unless you look closely, which could be the key to getting your already-bullied child through braces.

Present Yourself More Professionally

Children aren’t the only beneficiaries of braces. As an adult, you can present yourself more professionally once you have well-aligned teeth. Invisalign is a great option here as well, allowing you to straighten your smile inconspicuously.

A survey conducted by Align Technology, a manufacturer of clear orthodontic aligners, found that people with straight teeth are 45 percent more likely to get a job compared to someone with crooked teeth who has the same experience and qualifications. You’re also 38 percent more likely to be perceived as smart if your teeth are straight.

Who knew having well-aligned teeth could make such an impact on your confidence? If you’re ready to get started down the path to a perfect smile, schedule a free consultation by contacting Speaks Orthodontics online. You can also call our Denver office at (720) 513-3743 to set up a meeting with Dr. Speaks. We look forward to showing you how orthodontics boost your confidence!