With summer coming up and the idea of picnics, cookouts, and play dates
looming, it can feel like you or your child may be missing out because
of new braces. However, there are so many fun summer happenings that are
either perfectly safe with braces or that require little adjustment.


Yes, you can safely play sports with braces! You simply need to take extra
precautions when it comes to mouth protection. You should always make
sure to wear a mouth guard to avoid cuts and to protect your teeth as
they readjust. Even after you have your braces removed, a mouth guard
is a good idea to protect your precious teeth from balls, elbows, and
other body parts or pieces of equipment that could cause damage.


If sports sounds a bit too risky, theater is a great option for those with
braces. Since braces don’t impact speech, you will be able to enjoy
that summer theater group just like normal. In fact, with straightened
teeth, you may be able to enunciate even better than before!


Summer is the perfect time to get out into nature, and there is no reason
that you cannot camp and hike with your braces on. Just remember to bring
along extra teeth cleaning supplies. It is not recommended to skip flossing
or brushing, even while out in nature. As long as you equip yourself with
your regular teeth cleaning materials, you should be able to relax and
enjoy the campfire.

Braces should not keep you from enjoying your favorite summer activities.
They can even enhance your fun summer look by adding a pop of bright color.
And remember, it can be fun to come up with new braces friendly snacks.
When considering an activity that you are hesitant about participating
in, don’t forget to check with your orthodontist. Keep your chin
up and enjoy all that summer has to offer!