Years ago, when your orthodontist needed to take impressions of your teeth to determine the best treatment for your smile, the process typically involved placing a putty-like material into a mold and pressing it against your teeth for several minutes.

However, with new technology oh, your orthodontist is now able to digital impressions to get a detailed look at the condition of your teeth and jaw. There are several benefits that digital Impressions boast over traditional ones.

Why Digital Impressions Improve Orthodontic Treatment

Better Accuracy

Since your orthodontist handles a lot of materials in order to take traditional impressions, there is often a larger room for error. Digital Impressions, on the other hand, are extremely accurate in viewing the state of your teeth and jaw.


Traditional impressions need to sit in your mouth for a longer period of time than digital impressions do. On the contrary, digital impressions are often completed within five minutes. That means, you’ll spend less time sitting in the chair waiting for the impressions to be done and more time discussing treatment options with the orthodontist.

More Comfortable

Because the materials used to create traditional Impressions can be a bit bulky, some patients have a tendency to gag or feel uncomfortable as they wait for the impressions to be finished. Digital impressions are much more comfortable since they do not require any bulky materials to be placed in your mouth.

More Interactive

It can sometimes be a bit difficult or less engaging you understand what your orthodontist is saying when discussing the results of your traditional impressions. Digital impressions are often easier to understand for the average patient and can help you feel more engaged with your treatment.