Discomfort After Tightenings

If you’ve recently been fitted with your braces or have had your braces adjusted, you may be feeling some discomfort and tenderness around your teeth and gums. There’s nothing to worry about; this is entirely normal!

Whenever you visit your orthodontist, they make adjustments to your archwire—this is the metal band that is laced between your brackets, extending across your smile. During your adjustment, your orthodontist may bend and manipulate the wire or replace it with a thicker one.

While these adjustments help to straighten your teeth, they can also cause minor pain. If you are experiencing some discomfort or pain after your appointment, the following tips can help you find some relief.

Oral Anesthetic

Oral anesthetic liquids and gels are pain relievers that can be directly applied to the teeth and gums. By using a cotton swab or a finger, you can apply medicine to the affected areas. The gel will give you effective temporary relief from the pain associated with shifting teeth.

Drink Cold Water

Like any other pain or injury, inflammation increases pain and discomfort. Drinking ice water is a great way to relieve some of the pressure and reduce the inflammation of your gums. The cool temperature can have a numbing effect.

Take Over-the-Counter Pain Medicine

Taking over-the-counter pain medicine about an hour before your appointment should help alleviate any pain or discomfort that may come with the tightening process. Be sure to follow proper dosage instructions that come with the medication.

Orthodontic Care In Denver

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