Do you suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of crooked teeth, also
known as teeth crowding? The dangers of allowing this condition to go
unattended go far beyond those two negative impacts that teeth crowding
can have on you.

In addition to discomfort and the psychological effect of not having a
glowing smile, the condition can prevent proper cleaning of all the surfaces
of your teeth, cause dental decay, prevent proper functioning of your
teeth, and more.

What Causes Teeth Crowding?

Crowding generally occurs when a person’s teeth do not fit within
their jaw due to lack of space. This occurs when the ratio between your
jaw size and your teeth is not correct or when your teeth are too large
for a smaller jaw size. Another cause can be improper eruption of teeth
from early development or losing the primary teeth too late.

At Speaks Orthodontics, we specialize in identifying and correcting teeth crowding for our patients
with an understanding that each individual patient is unique. We have
many treatment options available to get you back on your way to a healthy,
happy mouth.

How Can Crowding Be Orthodontically Corrected?

In many instances some teeth need to be extracted to expand the arches
so that more space can be created. Once this occurs,
braces will be put on to align the teeth and eliminate crowding.

Speaks Orthodontics of Denver practices this behavior on a regular basis for children suffering from
teeth crowding, but we also see our fair share of adults. Many adults
shy away from the thought of having metal braces and we understand that.
We provide many comfortable and practical alternatives to standard metal braces.

If you’re suffering from teeth crowding and live in the Denver, Colorado
area please feel free to contact us for your consultation today!