When it comes time to take a look at your teen’s teeth and take steps to correct misalignment, there are a lot of options on the market that will get the job done. However, clear aligners are often a favorite choice for teens and young adults. Here’s why.

Why Teens Opt for Clear Aligners

They Feel Better

Let’s face it: teenagers are going through a lot of emotional and physical changes. With so many things already going on, your son or daughter may not want to add metal braces into the mix. Aligners are made of smooth plastic so they feel better when you’re wearing them as opposed to metal braces that involve brackets, wires, and rubber bands.

They’re More Discreet

While no one should ever be bothered for choosing to improve their smiles, metal braces sometimes can garner feelings of embarrassment since they are very apparent in one’s mouth. Clear aligners are more discreet and blend into your teen’s natural smiles, so it will hardly look like your teen is wearing dental correction at all.

There Are No Food Restrictions

Pretty much every teen has a favorite treat they like to snack on. While traditional braces require your teen to abstain from eating foods that can get stuck in their wiring or cause brackets to come loose — such as sticky or very crunchy foods — clear aligners offer essentially no restrictions for the types of food your teen can eat.