Do your teeth ever feel sore after having your braces tightened at the orthodontist? If so, we’re here to tell you that not only is that not a bad thing, it’s actually good!

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Why Do Teeth Hurt after the Braces are Tightened?

When an orthodontist tightens the wires on your braces, it will change the amount of pressure on your teeth, leading to mild discomfort in your gums. The changes in pressure can cause discomfort that radiates throughout a patient’s face, but this is a normal reaction that occurs to all of our orthodontic patients.

How Long Does the Pain from the Adjustment Last?

The pain from having braces tightened can last for a few hours or several days, but it won’t feel as intense as when our patients receive braces for the first time. Each time that a patient has braces tightened, it will be a different experience.

How Can Orthodontic Patients Manage Soreness of the Gums?

Our patients can manage soreness by applying ice packs to their face or drinking cold water. It is also okay to take mild pain relievers or to apply a numbing ointment on your tender gums. We also recommend eating a softer diet that includes nutritious foods such as vegetable soups or applesauce. We can also teach our patients how to apply dental wax to sore gums or how to perform a gum massage.