As you’ll notice, most people around you have perfectly aligned teeth.
Straight teeth have become a priority for many people since a smile is
the focal point of our faces. This phenomenon stems from the strides the
dental practice has made over the last four decades. While dentists can
fix crooked teeth, they are unable to stop warped smiles from occurring
in the first place. Why is this? Because crooked teeth naturally occur
from a wide variety of factors.


Do your parents have crooked teeth? If so, your teeth coming in at different
angles could be associated with your genetics. Think of your teeth as
you would your other facial features! You “inherit” your looks
from your parents just like you inherit your teeth from your parents.
In this case, there’s not much you can do to prevent crooked teeth,
but the good news is that we can straighten them out at Speaks
Orthodontics once the adult teeth have grown in!


When we suffer accidents in our youths, our bone structures may grow imperfectly.
This fact holds true in regards to teeth and smiles. If your jaw becomes
misaligned from trauma, your teeth can grow improperly, if they raise
at all, and your bite will be off-center. If you are a parent, make sure
your child is wearing a mouthguard during sports to try and prevent oral
complications that arise from accidents.

Bad Habits

Consistent thumb sucking, certain sippy cups, and even poorly made pacifiers
can affect the way the teeth grow. Children’s mouths are softer
than adults during the development process, which means repetitive habits
will misaligned teeth as they mature. Try to break these habits at a young
age to prevent future problems.