At Speaks Orthodontics, what your orthodontist recommends during treatment
is exactly what you should follow. We put these guidelines into place to give you the smile
you love as quickly and as painless as possible.

When it comes to elastics, many patients forget to wear them, lose them,
take them out and don’t put them back in, or ignore the process
altogether. We want to emphasize the importance of these little bands
and why you should wear them.

What Are Elastics?

Elastics are small rubber bands created to assist in the alignment of the
teeth and jaw. These come in different sizes and strengths, which is dependent
on the width of the band and its ability to stretch.

At Speaks Orthodontics, we more than encourage you to use your elastics.
These are often a crucial part of orthodontic treatment and can make that
final difference towards straight, perfect teeth.

What Do Elastics Do?

Elastics work with your metal braces to gently align your teeth. Slight
overbites and underbites can be fixed with elastic wear as well as small
movements that the metal alone can’t fix.

How Are They Worn?

A lot of patients find it difficult to locate where elastics go in the
mouth. The band will be strategically placed to hooks created on the top
and bottom braces. If you are someone that needs elastics, we will be
sure to show you exactly where they go and have you practice taking them
on and off in our office.