In a time when we are being asked to stay home and many businesses and healthcare offices are closed, you may be wondering how, if at all, you are able to keep up with orthodontic treatment and appointments. On the other hand, you may be taking this time as an opportunity to avoid having your wires tightened or your aligners replaced.

However, that’s not the best idea. In order to keep your treatments on track and achieve your desired results, it’s very important to keep up with orthodontic appointments.

Staying On Track with Orthodontic Care

Ensure Teeth are Moving as They Should

Although it may seem as though your teeth are moving where they should, there’s no guarantee that you can tell that on your own.

One of the main points of orthodontic follow-up appointments is to give your doctor the chance to carefully inspect how and where your teeth are moving. If your orthodontist notices that they are not moving as they should, they can make adjustments to allow for proper alignment.

Correct Problems Quickly

If, while inspecting your teeth, your orthodontist notices that a bracket looks like it may be coming loose or a wire seems like it may pop out, they can repair these issues before they cause you pain or discomfort.

Keep Up with Timetable

Especially for patients with aligners, the success of your treatment depends on keeping up with appointments and switching two new aligners at specific times. If you skip out on appointments, you could throw your treatment schedule off track.