Fall has arrived and with it comes a complete transformation in flavorsome fare from what you were eating all summer long. The cooler weather brings a bountiful harvest and it’s time to start indulging in seasonal dishes. With that said, not everything fall has to offer is oral-health friendly, so we’ve picked out a few of our favorite orthodontist-approved staples you can serve up without worry this season:

1 – Apple Sauce

It’s easy to pass on apple sauce, but if you do, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Not only is applesauce great for adults and children with braces, it’s extremely versatile. You can eat it by itself as a snack or use it as a topping or dipping sauce with a variety of different fall-inspired foods. Just be sure to pay attention to the content on the label and opt for one with little or no added sugar.

2 – Pumpkin Soup

It’s the perfect meal for a chilly fall day and let’s face it — pumpkin might be the first thing you think of when you hear “autumn harvest.” Once again, it’s great for those who are suffering from soreness as a result of braces as it is quite soothing and there’s virtually no chewing involved.

3 – Roasted Butternut Squash

You’ve probably heard of butternut squash soup or maybe even butternut squash pasta, but there are plenty of other ways you can enjoy the fruit (and yes, it is in fact, a fruit). Cut it up into slices or strips and roast it in the oven with some whole-grain mustard, wine vinegar and fresh parsley.

4 – Charred Green Beans

They’re healthy, they’re soft enough to eat with sore teeth or gums and they’re so simple to make. Fire up a cast iron skillet and dump a bag of fresh green beans in. Add a little butter and some maple seasoning and you’ve got the perfect side dish for any fall meal. You’ll know they’re done when you start seeing some char on the beans — just be careful not to burn them too much!

5 – Sweet Potato & Kale Grilled Cheese

Have it for lunch or serve it for dinner — this versatile meal really encapsulates the flavors of fall. All you need is a few sweet potatoes, some kale, red onion, rosemary, havarti cheese and balsamic glaze. Oh, and don’t forget the thick cut sourdough bread.